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Ormiston, Pencaitland

River Tyne

Title: River Tyne
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The River Tyne begins in the Moorfoot Hills, near Tynehead, Midlothian, and flows through East Lothian to the estuary near Belhaven.

The river flows approximately 30 miles and passes on the southern side of Ormiston, through Winton estate, disects the village of Pencaitland into Easter Pencaitland and Wester Pencaitland under a three-arched bridge dating from 1510. The bridge can be viewed from the woodland walks on either side. In deference to the age of the bridge, it now only traffic in a single direction controlled by traffic signals and a pedestrian crossing.

The river has a number of tributaries including the Puddle Burn that joins the river near Winton House, Pencaitland; the Kinchie Burn (which rises near Pathhead), which supplies Glenkinchie Distillery, and joins at Milton Bridge, West Saltoun; the Blackford Burn joins at Pencaitland; as well as the Humbie Water and many other tributaries as it meanders through the countryside.

Various notable species can be found along the River Tyne. There are otters and water voles, sticklebacks, kingfishers, and a wide array or other native flora and flora.

The East Lothian Angling Association permits fishing of Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Sea Trout, and Salmon along various stretches of the river. You can fish with a permit. Brown Trout can be fished from March to October along with migratory fish. Fly fishing is permitted during October.

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