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Ormiston, Pencaitland

Flooding at Pencaitland and Ormiston

Title: Flooding at Pencaitland and Ormiston
Reviewed by Admin on Jul 10

There are locations in and around the villages of Pencaitland and Ormiston that have been affected by flooding after heavy rain.

Various approaches to the villages of Pencaitland and Ormiston are generally quite difficult to navigate due to the River Tyne flooding and local run-off to low-lying parts of the villages. The River Tyne runs along the south side of Ormiston and the low-lying land either side of the river are flood plains that often flood when the water level rises. In Pencaitland, most of the flood water lies in the Winton estate when the river bursts its banks and the water level can be viewed at the ancient bridge dissecting Wester and Easter Pencaitland. However, the undulation of the surrounding farmland, road camber, and filled-in ditches has increased the risk of flooding to the surrounding roads from Tranent and Haddington.

The run-off of rainwater from farmland of Huntlaw Road in Pencaitland caused lots of damage to property a few years ago, and major engineering work was undertaken at the railyway bridge crossing Huntlaw Road.

Notable floods have been documented in nearby Haddington in 1348, 1775, and 1948. In 1948, over 122mm of rainfall fell between the 1 and 8 August, then a further 153mm of rain fell over the next five days, followed by a further 139mm of rain over the following 24 hours, bringing floods across the area, affecting 450 homes in Haddington and leaving up to 12 inches of mud in places.

In June 2012, more than a month’s worth of rain fell across the area in 24 hours causing the River Tyne to swell and flood. Local roads were also badly affected. Many residents are aware of the bend at Wester Pencaitland tends to flood badly, along with other parts where the road level is lower than adjacent land. Care needs to be taken while navigating floodwater. The local bowling club in Pencaitland had its green submerged by flooding, and no doubt, other properties have been affected by rising flood water, too.

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