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New Winton

Title: New Winton
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From the eastern part of the village of Pencaitland a road leads off towards Tranent, passing the edge of the Winton estate to the left and the Bogg’s Holdings and Winton Hill farm on the right the road continues on, under the cropped railway bridge on into New Winton.  Beyond New Winton is the peat-mire burn, the boundary that marks off Pencaitland Parish from the Parishes of Tranent and Ormiston.

The village of New Winton was built to the order and ideas of Lady Ruthven, who, when an old woman, would often drive over to watch the work progressing.

The houses were built of stone in three sides of a square with a large green in the centre.  In the latter part of the 20th century the fourth side of the square has been made by the erection of brick houses harled to the front and roofed like the rest of the houses in red tiles.

The main Pencaitland to Tranent road transects through the old and new houses.

During the late part of the 1935 – 1945 war, a large bomb was dropped a few yards from the old stone houses.  The houses did not sustain any damage.

New Winton was built because of the old village of Winton situated in the policies of Winton Castle was taken down by Colonel Hamilton.  In this older village were settled at one time a few families of Horner’s (makers of horn spoons, baskets etc)  These Horner’s, known as “The Horner’s of Winton” were supposed to have come from Yethold or other Border towns.

One story from those days tells of the Horner’s character.  They ‘were selling horn spoons, baskets etc, in Penston Fair, long ago, one was selling his baskets very cheaply, below cost.  His neighbour said to him, ‘How can you sell your baskets so cheap, for I steal all my wands and can sell them cheaper than you any day!’ ‘Man,’ said the other, ‘ I can sell cheaper than you, for I steal my baskets already made.’

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