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Limeylands Colliery

Title: Limeylands Colliery
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Limeylands Colliery, sunk in 1894, was owned by the Ormiston Coal Company. It worked the Four-feet, the Three-feet and the Parrot Seams to produce household and steam coal. It was abandoned soon after nationalisation in 1953.

This memorial stone on the Pentland railway Walk gives the history of the colliery including the owner’s name, dates of opening and closing, seams worked, the number of miners employed and the daily output of coal.

In 1886, James Clark leased mineral rights on land near Ormiston and sank the Ormiston Station Pit. He sank Limeylands near Limeylands Farm in 1891. In 1894, J & R Clark became the Ormiston Coal Company and sank Oxenford (1907) andTynemouth(1923).

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