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Dovecotes of Pencaitland

Title: Dovecotes of Pencaitland
Reviewed by Admin on Jul 3

There are at least two ancient dovecotes in Pencaitland parish, one on the Penkaet (Fountainhall) estate, and the other situated in a grass park near the Trevelyan Hall.  The structure of the former belongs to the usual type crow-stepped lateral walls and a steep pitched roof, though the roof is now gone.  There are 180 nests on the west wall and 220 on the north, but originally the number was nearer 500.  This cote now in ruins is situated close to the ancient mansion with which it is said to be contemporaneous suggesting it was built about the end of the 15th Century.

The other cote is rectangular and has been restored.  It measures 27 ft by 21 ft high.  There is accommodation for 1,136 pigeons.  The nests are eight inch square and extend 13 inches into the wall.  Above the entrance is a tablet which appears to have borne an inscription.

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